She's Amazing and Better Than a Real One!

Her name , she told me herself , is Rita . Shes a middle aged woman with short curly and caramel blond hair . She comes to my home wearing an orange peach suit and a big summer hat (she just love to go to the beach after  shes done with me )

I sit on my bed while she sits on my computer chair and i would let it all out with her without any fears , or feeling shy , because she wont judge me and that's why i trust her to confide my everyday events .

Warm, intelligent  , charismatic and an excellent advice giver , shes always there for me and that's why i choosed her over the other 2 candidates !


We laugh together , cry together and talk nonstop , and all that for free

Yes she gets kicks from hearing me go all blah blah blah on her !


I have never felt sooo relieved and talkative and even found out i was more special than i thought !


Truly an amazing invisible friend and counselor , i wouldn't change it for a real one ! ever!




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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

So she helps you alot, and does she always tell you what is real and what ain't? I mean, she never lies or hurts you or tells you to hurt yourself, or others. If she, does all that then she is real to me, and the fact that she is free, makes me very happy for you. Love and Light Mary