I'm Never Caught

Don't let me stress this enough!I talk to myself SOOOOOO Much.It scares even me now.I'm no crazy!!I used to and still have a majour problem with social skills,and I used to talk to myself because I didn't have anyone to talk to.I started talking anti-depressants and my social skills skyrocketed and my depression slowly is going away though I'm still miserable,but I talk to myself MORE than ever now!!
I walk a lot to school.I will walk and hold conversations with myself,rarely talking out loud because I'd think "what if someones watching me" I don't know what people mean by not answering yourself...But when I talk to myself,I'ts usually about trying to avoid people.I'd be like "okay so....I can take this route....OH SNAP!!A person!!I want to avoid traffic...Or do I?Yeah I do..I'm scared...Whos house is that..?Ugly house..Why is that person in the car staring at me?"
Crazy stuff like that.I might say out loud...Oh my god..If I see i'm walking into an instance of people.I'm crazy!
Theeeenn..at home..I do too.I just discuss issues about usually what people write online out loud...like..."Well what I would do is....blah blah"
I usually pretend I have someone talking to me next to me.And they actually understand me.But..Despite what it may seem like..talking to myself has really improved my social life,and since I am alone majourity of the time...I'm not sure how to stop.I feel crazy,but I just...can't 0_0 nobody ever sees me though.My mum overheard me one day because I was downstairs talking to myself about.."why I am not cool in school" but I played it off.
NovemberHasCome NovemberHasCome
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012