I wish I could do that. Every time I try all the other voices talk louder till I can not talk
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You know that is a serious condition? And that people suffer with it? You know, kill themselves from madness, others because a voice told them to. If you're joking, please don't joke, it's hell living with any form of psychosis, schizophrenia or schizoid

I know it is real.

And it's very hard to live with. So I'm just politely asking that, if you are joking about it, you don't ^^

Who said I was joking? You? Do you know me? I thought not

Which, if you read the original comment, it says "if" which is a very key point in the sentence structure ^^

Why are you still talking to me

Because you never asked me to leave?

Good enough answer

Logical, but short. Traits that are occasionally good in life

good and life in the same sentence?

Well things would get boring for people if life wasn't occasionally good, would you disagree?

When does the good come

Every now and then I find, life's a ***** like that, but hey ho.

stupid double post

I did see that, but I figured it wasn't meant to happen. Good bye ^^

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Just tell them to shut up and speak your mind louder..

lol they never listen. Just laugh and keep talking

You get no respect in there, do you..lol..