I do this way too often! :p I have like full on conversations with myself! Hahaha
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Me too 😄

Haha I do exactly the same thing

Yes well i always complain while im talking to myself so i dont bother the people around me haha

That way at least you are improving your listening skills ha ha ha

As long as you don't argue with your self

I talk to myself all the time. It's really funny really. but it really clears my head

Me too, sometime out loud

mine is always out loud. Of course, in the privacy of my own room so people don't think i'm coo coo :P

I wouldn't be so sure about the privacy. My wife ask me, whom are you talking to in the hot tub. I don't believe she can hear me from inside over all the jet noise. lol

okay I SWEAR I do this every singel day and it's really funny and sometimes I fight with myself XD

alllllllll the time

Ahaha it's when you get into an argument with yourself that you gotta worry

Well there is me in the moment who is a roller coaster of what I am in the moment,and there is like an old lady in my head."I just,can't possibly understand ,why do you do stupid things-how often were you dropped on your head,child! Ah not again!" something of those lines.

Do you argue too?

So do most smart people. Who knows you better then you? Who knows better if you are doing things wrong or not then you? Who can kick your butt better then you? LOL

I hope you don't feel badly about yourself because of your..hobby? xD because I talked to a cookie filled box today...

Me too (:

well many times i am the nicest and only best or good person to myslef so yes i am awesome for myself too haha

It would be a good idea to write down your thoughts and ponder over them later ;)

i do similar

Same here, it's kinda fun though. lol

Eh, let them look. They're just jealous at all the fun you're having by yourself. A lot of people can't even stand themselves so you should be glad. Haha :P

Literally I will be thinking things and sometimes I'll say little bits of it I'm glad I'm not the only one lol