like I seriously have straight up conversations.... is that bad?!...... I crack myself up tho! all the time!
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Omg Yess I'm the funniest person alive to be honest

Who cares if its bad?! As long as it makes you happy and makes you smile then go for it ✌️
I do that too and people look at me weird when i burst into laughter all of a sudden because i said something funny to myself in my head.

Lol you're cute.

Omg *dies*

*dies further* *comes back to haunt you* *sees your dimples then dies a third time*

-The End-

But im dead! If we keep going the story is going to be just about you haha

Awesome idea! That could work, but whats the point? The moment i see your dimples ill immediately die of cardiac-arrest..

Then ill die of sadness.. God why is life so unfair!

Perfect! Now i can see your smile for eternity.

Plus we can haunt people together!

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and you say im crazy