Isn't this normal then? Always when I have to make a decision, I start to talk to myself. Or when I don't feel well, I, again, start to talk to myself. There isn't anyone i really trust in my life so its hard for my to solve problems with someone else, while talking to myself in my head may be stupid for some but it does really help me...
Neroy Neroy
18-21, M
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well, it will start on something simple then suddenly *bam* serious topic starts to pop up and you will be pre.occupied to the argument within yourself that will seems like there are two voices speaking out even though it is all you.

Normal & useful for me

Hehe I'm happy to hear that there are so many others that also are like me!

I do it too!

All that matters is that you do what's best for you... If anyone says they don't. They're a liar. From the deepest pits. Lol

Yeah i do it too. ;)

of course you ask yourself. you need an expert opinion?

Same here! We are our own best friends!

I do the same. It's really helpful