Not only that but I also talk to myself out loud. Is it normal some of you ask? Of course it is! While out berry picking with a friend, the only way we could know where each other was at was by hearing each other's voice. But we were too far away to tell what the other was saying without shouting. So, as long as we keep talking to ourselves. We could hear each other. There were other people out in the berry bushes too. To avoid having someone walk up on us and start picking in our spot, we talked to ourselves; the other people would hear us and would know they were getting up on someone and would avoid the area in order to find their own bushes that no one else is picking one. So, not only is talking to one's self normal, in some situations, it can be useful.
Mossonarock Mossonarock
46-50, M
Dec 16, 2015