Or maybe I just have a kuchi kopi inside of my head which keeps me in conversation. Like when I'm at work and the douchebag who hit me screams at me, the voice inside me says "Let's kill him..." like the kuchi kopi from Bob's Burgers did. I laugh since it makes me remember that scene, and then I forget the anger, until he talks to me back again...
Anyways, this talking to myself is endangering how others view my sanity since I try to make myself laugh all the time, and most of the time it works. It's dangerous since random, funny thoughts come to me when I'm attending customers at the cash register and they think I'm laughing at them, which is very, very rude.... For example, today at work. The douchebag was complaining about how the lady who had complained about him before (who wanted to hit him) was the one who was wrong. I replied that I also agreed with her in that he shouldn't have yelled at her, and that I also wanted to hit him too. He then mentioned how a past co-worker of his had warned him of how one day he would be assassinated by one of his co-workers since most of the women there have complained about him and had warned him that they wanted to hit him. I had to leave the conversation because a costumer had entered, but all throughout that time, random pictures of him unconscious popped up in my head and I just smiled. The costumer just stared at me, and then I loudly told the douche what had popped into my head so as to explain indirectly why I had smiled. The costumer just smiled as she saw him pass by.
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have you ever looked into help for this? not to offend but are you in control of your thoughts?

Oh yes! I don't plan on actually killing him dude! Even when I'm hella angry at him I don't plan on anything. As I've had to explain myself many times today, those were just pictures that popped up since he was mentioning how he was in danger of being killed in there. I've only smacked him back on his back with my hand since he had smacked me on my hat, but I had explained to him that that had been in return for hitting me, and that he shouldn't do it again.
No offense taken.Although I do admit I get violent, but not as far as to hit people, but objects. I don't think it's going to go as far as that since I've had that issue since little.

ooh okay lol well that's no big deal..I'm just saying if things are popping in your head that shouldn't be.. it isn't the worst idea to get help of some sort.. I was just judging by the taking on your head ..that's sometimes a bad sign

My head was just repeating that phrase from a show called Bob's Burgers, which really made me laugh. It's my heads' way of controlling my anger- with humor. If I actually heard that thing, that kuchi tell me that, I would respond the same way Bob did: "Oh, shut up kuchi." XD
I'm crazy, but not that crazy!

ooh haha okay cool just checking

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