and out loud,and i act out what I'm thinking sometimes,i make I crazy?
silverleafdeimos silverleafdeimos
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No that just means ur awesome

Same here

I do that all the time, even when I'm talking to others sometimes :p hahaha

I do that too. Sometimes i even blurt out stuff out loud by accident lol

i have had enough experience to be able to feel the presence of other people and whisper,hehehe

lmao, lucky u. It happens to me at the worst of times. especially at school.

at school i can barly keep it in,i did it a few times and nearly acted something iut in math class,my teacher thought i need to use the restroom

hahahaha. Nice one. On a serious note tho, we need help lmao

lmao,yes we do,pm me?

Um, sure okay.

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