Me, Myself And I

OKAY, I admit it, I talk to myself.

I sit in a car alone for 7.78 hours a day, who else is going to answer those all  important questions....What the h*ll is he doing?, Does he not have a signal light?, What on gawd's green earth is that girl wearing? And how did she even fit into those??. Besides answering the all important questions I am able to console myself, give myself the perfect pep talk when necessary, and tell myself a joke. Really, when you think about it, I am simply multi-tasking and quite frankly, multi-talented.

So all those people can keep staring at me as I talk away, it's okay........ me, myself and I have a good thing going.
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LOL! Me too!!

I knew it! *smiles*

*you are correct *

*smiles*.... are you missing me yet?? I think you are!!

Yes who else will tell you /me what you want to hear

sorry, she says... i didn't realise you were pink and black .... just think of the children !

As he is staring and stunned with the beauty of that girl, the girls steps down from the car and starts walking towards the guy...."OMG she is coming towards me" the guy talks to himself....his heart starts pounding hard and he can hear his own heart beat....while not knowing how to react the girls fumbles little right in front and nervously chuckle.....<br />
The guy in no times bend and held her through her arms to not let her fall....their eyes meet again....guy nervously asks " You ok?" <br />
Totally dominated with her beauty guy is too nervous now....!!

As they both stare at each other, she notices his face blushing and his mouth open, thoughts fill her mind and she begins to wonder if she should just go over and try talking to him. And with a quick pep talk, she rangles the courage to approach him. However, in the process, she trips over her own two feet and lands on the ground before him. Her face flashes BRIGHT red and she begins to nervously chuckle......ugh!!

The guy kept staring and suddenly the tempting girl look at him.....*sigh* her face flushes and Guy's face her dimples get exposed and she smiles the guy want to smile back, but the effect of her beauty is so strong that he stays stunned and if there is no tomorrow and want to take all the view inside his brain through his eyes....*mouth open* ---like a dumb A** :)

as she sits inside her car, glancing at the guy who has been staring at her for some time she thinks outloud<br />
<br />
'dreamy'<br />
<br />
and as their eyes meet her face flushes deep red and her dimples are exposed as she smiles

*smiles* and curious to know what that tempting girl is talking with herself about that guy :p

*smiles and flashes more dimples all while chatting to herself about the guy whose staring at her*

:), this is getting more tempting now :p<br />
can't help it....sorry as I don't want to disturb you while you are talking to yourself....I ll be a good boy...can't go and can't stop staring you;)

I'm sorry Sarnaf......I don't mean to be tempting and I promise I will try to keep my flushed cheeks to a minimum. As far as my dimples and frowns, I cannot help those but if you like I will look away so you need not see them......please don't go...... *smiles and flashes her dimples*

its too tempting :), while you talk to yourself, your cheeks go red and I luv the dimples that come and go on your face, and I luv the frowns on your fore head when you get mad on a driver ahead....staying away is getting difficult :)<br />
Its a tough job you have given:)

Anytime Sarnaf.....stare away, I will try to keep you entertained! *chuckles*

:), yes i agree, there is no one to answer our questions more then ourselves....:)<br />
Keep talking and let me stare :p