I've been alone a lot lately, and in my lack of human contact I've taken to muttering things like "I WANT TO KILL" and "******************." Luckily I don't think anyone has heard me.

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I said something like that a couple times in the library one day and my roommate was like, "dude...you probably shouldn't be saying that here". It's really strange because killing people requires extensive effort and planning and I struggle to motivate myself to take morning showers. It's probably not something you should say at a homicide scene

Lol! I've been like that too, but I think I have been heard several times.<br />
<br />
Recently, I was out walking the dog and muttering to myself (not realising I was doing so) and someone passed by on their bike and looked back at me like I was a freak D-: <br />
To be fair, I am a bit of a freak I suppose.