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I always talk to myself when I'm trying to explain or understand something. Or to motivate myself... sometimes I'm encouraging, and sometimes I'll saying something else, along the lines that I can do better. Also, I imagine certain situations I'd find myself in, or just day dream about, and I play it out. Sometimes I don't do it on purpose, but if I'm alone I just start playing my role in the story.

I've imagined myself doing great things, and what I would say afterwards... imagine winning an award, and having the people you care about most in the world there to watch you among the crowd of strangers there too recognize you, and what you would say to them.

More often, when I'm alone and I actually feel lonely, I will imagine one of my friends next to me... someone I'd want to share the moment with, and I imagine what kind of conversation we'd have. I'll act just as if they were really there next me.

Finally, I've created an alternative me. Sort of. Actually it's an exact replication of me. That way, instead of feeling like I'm talking to thin air when I'm speaking aloud, I feel like I'm talking to an imaginated representation of me. I always imagined what it'd be like if I had a cloned version of me, but with a mental connection, so I could always question myself logically, keep myself in check from a third person perspective.

Would I do any of this in front of someone else? Heeeeeeellll no. Haha.
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Thank you Wonder :) I'm glad i could make you laugh:) :) :) I love doing that :) You probably have some sagg tendencies then being born on the cusp! One thing Cappies and Saggis have in common is that great art of conversation! So i will be thinking about you and hoping you find friends who will not bore you quickly and keep you interested for a very very long time! I hope your weekend was just wonderful. Here is to the week ahead.. may it be productive and fun! Take care sweet Wonder :) xox

Wow, talk about fantastic feed back! First of all, i can tell you've got a great sense of humor, phatnhapi. I promise to do my best and protect the ozone la<x>yer. Haha. Thank you for the great comments, very insightful. I do love writing, maybe I'll take your advice! As for the friendship thing, i love meeting new people all the time. I'm a social animal, but i get bored of my friends very fast. lol. That's a terrible thing to say, but it's true. A meaningful relationship, however, that's priceless. Btw, I'm a capricorn, and i believe i missed being a saggitarius by one day. Lol.

Hi Wonder :) i just read your answer to Tushita's post. It is good that you recognize that there are things missing in your relationships with your friends. I'm sure you will find people with all the qualities you need to experience a meaningful friendship. I am older than you and so i don't have the need for skads of friends. Yes the whole go to the movies or for a walk or dinner thing is nice but i can do that with my daughter. I have found some people on the internet with a lot more substance than some of my real life friends. One girlfriend i had .. i had to disconnect my relationship with her. I met her at a social outing. She was very outgoing and seemed interesting at the time. We decided we wanted to see each other outside of that social group. So we would have girls nights out going to the movies and dinner and other social things together. After a while of getting to know her as well as i figured i could, she did lack substance for me. <br />
She had emotional blocks in her life that would not allow her to really have a good truthful conversation with me.. She was negative a lot of the time and i am totally the opposite. I am positive a good 90% of the time. I don't like complaining, whining people. As far as i am concerned all you have to do to solve whining and complaining is make a decision. No one wants to hear you go on about it, just do something about it already and move on. All that hot air is melting the ozone la<x>yer ya know? hahahahahaaa<br />
I don't know how you feel about astrology. Most guys don't put much faith or interest in it. I have learned over the years that people sort of fit into a pattern of their personality of their sunsign though. The people for me who have sparked my interest within the last ten years are sagittarians. They provide that spark of life that i need, crave and love. We just connect almost instantly and "get" each other. It is such a great connection that i get many many hours of joy from my interaction with my sagg friends, the real life ones and the internet ones. People who are on the same page, wavelength, whatever you wanna call it .. those are your people. You don't have to explain every little detail. They know the spirit in which you express your ideas and the meaning behind it. Any relationship that takes more work than it is fun, is not worth my time. I like people who make great conversation, are constantly curious about life, have a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. It makes life worth living to interact with people like that. I hope you will find some of those people for yourself. I think if you spend your time doing things you really like you just might meet some like that. I will be interested to find out what happens when you do :) peace my friend :) xox phat ..

I really love your creative imagination. Those were all very interesting ways in which to talk to yourself. I think you are onto something here. Have you ever wished to be a writer? I think you could create many interesting stories from the methods you mentioned above. My talking to myself is an inner dialogue kinda thing. In a way it is like talking to my clone like you mentioned. Although when i need important answers for decisions i have to make my inner dialogue turns to a talk with God. I ask him to put in my path the things i need to follow to reach my answer. He and i have this special prayer relationship where i can ask Him for guidance and answers and comfort and contentment and He makes it so. So i trust Him with important things that i need. He supplies all my needs. I am not trying to be overly religious here or preachy, just stating how it works for me. Anyway i am very happy you shared your thoughts and i think you have a few books in you that you might want to get started writing. Take care and have a lovely day :) xox phat

Hey, thanks for the comment, Tushita. You know, it's really my fault, but I didn't really express myself entirely in this story. The truth is I don't see anything wrong with talking to myself. Yeah, I might get a little carried away with it, but it's really a private amusement. Of course, do I have a problem talking with other people? Well, that's hard to say, yes and no. I have tons of friends to talk to, honestly. But I don't always have a great meaningful connection. That's what I crave. I want someone who really understands me, who wont judge, who can be interesting... with real people, there's always a social connection, but one of the three requirements (understanding, non-judgemental, and interest) is always missing. At LEAST one of the three requirements. With myself, I can make that perfect harmony. Also, if I do it cuz i'm lonely, it's just cuz i'm still used to being in a big social pack, and for certain instances, like right while i'm abroad and so far away from everyone I really know, then I might find myself walking the summer nights thinking about some of them joining me for an evening stroll. I don't know, is that really weird? Either way, I enjoy it. But what you said that really touched me was at the end... "remember if the people in your past, don't make up [or aren't part of] your present, there's a reason behind that." Too true! That's a great quote! Thank you very much for your attention, Tushita.

hi...buddy i think u shud nt change urself...talking to urself is nt a bad option but only talking to urself and creating a replication of urself is not a gr8 thing...i knw thr r times whn thrs no one we could talk to but we really need real ppl around to talk to coz if we keep talking to our own self then we will keep doing wat we think is right...ultimately we hav to deal wid outside world so we hav learn to deal and talk to real ppl. dont worry if u hav no good frnds...coz if u r frnds wid urself u dont need someone else...just for the sake of ur own health talk to ppl through any medium...phone ,chat,blogs,etc..<br />
start by one person at a time...and dont expect anything frm tat person coz our expectations create a havoc in our life,especially our relationships..i knw its easier said then done...but wat to do...its a fact... just enjoy ur life..remember if the ppl in ur past, dont make upto ur present,thr's a reason behind tat.. :)