All My Life...

I've talked to myself. It seems to bother other people quite a lot, but these days I conceal it much better. The walk home from school was long, dull and lonely and I used to have frequent "conversations" with no one, usually revolving around things I'd like to say to people. Oh, all the devastating verbal comebacks that came into my head a few hours too late! I also used to be very shy and would practice what I was going to say to people. I found it helped me a lot. I remember getting a laugh for a wisecrack I'd been working on the day before on the long walk home. I thought to myself - this ain't so different from stand up comedy, the trick is just making it sound off the cuff.

I work now in the film industry. Lately, I've been thinking about this topic a lot. Im researching making a short documentary about people who talk to themselves.
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Lol, I think they'd have laughed anyway if you started a joke, "So I was talking to myself the other day.. " <br />
I'd like to see that documentary if you ever make it. <br />
<br />
How is the film industry?<br />
<br />
People look at you funny for it, but I bet they do sometimes not realizing it.