Who Know's You Better.

Often while working by myself I tend to talk to myself. Somtime's it is just simply talking myself through a task. Somtime's it might be that I am stumped as how to do somthing or anger comming out because I keep running into snag's getting it done. What ever the reason I alway's talk myself through it and alway's get the answer I was looking for. I have faith in myself so why not ask the one you have faith in as they tend to give the best answer's in a way that you can understand best because they know you best. My Best.
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Thank you for reading and commenting leegurl and Miss Owlie. <br />
leegurl, your still young but you will find you will talk to yourself more with age, trust me I know. : )<br />
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Miss Owlie. Been there and done that and not much I have not said to my PC. Somtime in the future there will be talking PC's. I wonder how many will get broke for talking back ? If I am still around then mine might be the first. My Best.

I talk to me, the dog, the tv , the computer..sadly the PC gets the worst of it..He/she can really tick me off some days.I noticed myself complimenting my Xmas tree last yr..' Aren't you pretty?' ' time to take you down now'..some day that tree will say something back to me cuz I hope the PC doesn't.

Thank you for reading and commenting cRGenes. Once in awhile mine will go to the door and bark but she is mostly use to it now, lift's up her head and look's at me then goes back to sleep. Glad I cant read her thought's. : ) My Best.

Yes! I always thought: who else could I have a better conversation with? I've had to curb my discussions a lot though. Whenever I talk to myself, my dogs start running around to the windows and doors looking to see who's here!

Thank you for reading and commenting sam2531. If your anything like me then I have no doubt that you get some great conversation. : ) My Best.