Im Talking To Myself

Lately ive been sitting thinking conversations in my head and ill start talking to myself about anything wheather its apples strait to zebra but sometimes i endnup talking myself into stuf for out of stuff and occasionally i dont do anything but they tell me i should do something i know i shouldnt do ajd a lot of the times i dont do it but occasionally i do ....wheather i know better or not i do it anyways now im not talking hurt myself or anything likenthst no im talking doingbsomething stupid or saying something toblose my friends like an idiot. I dont like when i do this does anybody else do this so i can tlk to them?
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I've had this condition for awhile (and still do!) but for me it's a result of a lack of interaction with other people. It's sort of your mind's fallback maneuver to avoid insanity, or, worse, stagnation.

No..its healthiest to do rather than silence .. brainstorming problem solving, etc.. I believe it helps keep sanity. I know some would Notice and scoff at your external dialogue, but I believe it's normal and healthy..

I c ur point thk u

Im not doing it constantly but i do it sometimes do u ever thinknits a bad thing?

I do this too. I have done it for years. When I'm alone, I'll just start talking to myself as if someone where there, it is such a natural instinct. I do it every single day, almost.