- I wish that sometimes ii didnt feel as if i was dead and no one cares for me..
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2 Responses May 30, 2012

The knowledge that you share no common ground with anybody and nobody knows much of any pieces of the puzzle that make up you? Yeah, I've been there and still am. I am a sociable person turned introverted by my environment. I watch as my friends of a past life (I've moved multiple times) move on and live the lives of typical teenagers (via Facebook): ignorant, full of vitality, happy. Yet I can only sit back and watch, how you would a movie.<br />
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Circumstances have changed me from what I had hoped to be at this point at time: some would argue for the better (more knowledge through depressing experience) while others might say for the worse (you can't enjoy the moment when you realize the moment).<br />
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I can't promise you that there are people that care for you at the present. I'm not going to be one of those people that one second says "no, no, we care for you; we're here for you" and then the next second isn't *voice of experience*. But..... I can tell you that there must be people out there who are as empathetic as we are and eventually we will run into some of those people, maybe through the strangest ways possible in this journey called life.

I am sorry to here this !! I've experiencing that feeling every day since I was younger than you are now. The best thing I have ever done is learn to love myself. Think about your talents, your creativeness, your intelligence ! And be thankful for what you have. Life is what you make it.