Is Talking to Yourself Considered Normal?

I remember once I was sitting in a classroom and talking quietly to myself, as I usually do. A couple of my classmates came up to me and said: "Why are you talking to yourself when there are so many people around? You must feel pretty lonely and outcast, huh?" And I answered that I wasn't. That is the absolute truth.

To me, the conversations I have with myself are the most intelligent ones. Besides, it increases my problem-solving ability and I manage to come up with interesting ideas. And that's what counts, right?

On the other hand, I also see the negative impacts on my life that talking to myself has. I'm the kind of person, who can walk in the street with arms flying in different directions, emotions clearly showing on my face, evil giggles coming out of my mouth, and I wouldn't care. But I notice that people around me stare strangely. Sometimes it bothers me, because I am worried about my image. What would you think of a girl who walks around the center of the city while talking to what appears to be an imaginary friend? Crazy!

Soooo... I don't know. Don't know whether I want to somehow deal with this problem, or go on living the way I do and talking to myself whenever and wherever I want to. But one thing I know for sure. Talking to yourself is suuuure more entertaining to me than talking to most of other people... tee-hee-hee ^_^

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I'm the same way. Honestly, I've come to realize and practicing everyday that what matters the most is what I think of it. I know there's no one there and I'm just talking to my own self. If someone wants to think you're crazy then so be it, that's their thought not yours. I also agree, there are times where one can have a more intelligent conversation with oneself.

dont worrie talking to yourself is actualy good i read somewhere that when you talk to yourself or ask a question to yourself it causes your counsious and uncounsious to think about the same thing. when you exsplain something out loud it simplifys things to where you can have a better understanding, and the whole time you had the answer you just didnt full understand what you where asking :)

You are perfectly fine. Don't listen to the naysayers, I seen a doctor do that and he wasn't wearing a earpiece phone, and he worked in the mental heath field.

You know I'm 13 and do this everytime I get the chance! It really doesn't bother me at all. :/ so just remember that your not alone and this is absolutely normal.:D I remember as a child I usto think that non-living objects were alive and I would have a nice conversation with them but that soon faded away so now I just talk to myself. I have plenty of friends and family to talk to but it just doesn't feel the same you know? I feel more comfortable when I talk to myself so yeah! See yah random person that I'll probably never see again! :D

It's perfectly normal to have an internal monologue and also to verbalise it sometimes. It's probably best to just whisper or think in public though, or even better, talk to someone. It's not "wierd" to talk to yourself in public because talking to yourself is wierd. It's wierd because it shows you have a lack of situational awareness and want to advertise your inner thoughts to the world. Carrying on a conversation with yourself is fine, but you should probably constrain yourself in public.

Don't be afraid to talk to yourself ,many a great idea is best said aloud as only then can you hear it for what it is . i find that the only time i can talk to an equal is to talk to myself mind you don't lose the argument but

i totally feel everything you are talking about! i do the exact same thing as you... sometimes i would get strange stares and mumbles behind my back! i don't really care when that happens... i just start talking to them and scare the **** out of them! but somtimes i get people who sing along with me when im singing a song or answer my questions if im asking too loudly... i've noticed that there are plenty of people in montreal who talk to themselves! i am also a very emotional person so when i do talk to myself it's like my whole life and all my feelings are written on my face for the world to see. like i would laugh hysterically one minute then weep colickly the next! when i walk down the street and start talking to myself and see someone else doing it... we sometimes give each other a nod and smile as if just to say... "don't worry you are not crazy, we are probably the most sane people around!" i find that really comforting and reassuring! i still think about my imaginary friend when i start talking to myself just to make myself feel more "normal" but what exactly is "normal" anyways! i mean people say that "talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity" and i think it's the complete opposite! i mean i suffer depression for starters so i always have too many thoughts (usually dark ones) just swimming around in my head... i feel like if i don't somehow get them out of me... i am going to go crazy... like i mean mentally insane! i don't always have someone to talk to... and i find it helps me rationalize my thoughts and helps them make more sense to me when i say it outlound, it's not enough to just think about them cuz they don't make much sense otherwise! i find that if i socialize too long and don't have enough time to myself and my thoughts that i feel like going crazy and everything everyone around me does or says... starts annoying the **** out of me... even if it's simple questions that i really have no reason getting pissed over. the worst part of it is that if i get way too irritable i start wishing someone would say or do something to me just so have an excuse to bite their heads off! so bottom line people especially daydreamers with too many thoughts to handle need to have "talk-to-self" time to stay sane, or else you might be the next person they shout at for no reason!

It's not socially acceptable to talk to yourself, esp if you're too obvious about it. Most of the people I know or even have worked with accept this as one of my personality quirks and generally shrug it off with a laugh. It's when I'm walking down the street and notice someone staring at me oddly that I realize I got carried away. I've always talked to myself; my dad talks to himself but my brothers and mother do not. The ones who do not often ridicule those who do; but who can really say which is normal? Lonely and outcast? Hardly. But I agree - it's often the only intelligent conversation I have.

I live in East Africa.I am lonely here because my husband goes to work and I'm a housewife.I love to talk to myself and i do it everyday.when I feel bored I I just walk outside talking to myself.When i have some problem i ask questions to myself and get answers to it as well.. Sounds a little weird but its fun.Now i can live anywhere in the world.I don't require any outside company to entertain me.

This is the second website today i've found re talking to yourself. At last I know I'm not 'mad'!I live alone, I like talking, and chatting to myself is second nature. I truly believe that people who dont talk to themselves are just rather inhibited. after all small children do it! Its only when all the nasty 'injunctions' begin to filter into your life that some people stop, or it becomes a shameful thing like ************ used to be.At last people are finally admitting to it! Viva le revolution!xxxxxx to all you self talkers out therexxxx

I talk to myself 24-7 i garuntee it!! i have over 95 imaginary friends, and i remember them all!! people consider me as an "Imaginary Girl"

i talk to myself to, but usually quietly enough that most ppl either don't notice or don't care. i would say, yes of course, go on talking to yourself...but maybe tone down the "flailing" and make sure your ex<x>pressions aren't directed at any particular person, ppl may misinterpret ur actions/emotions. and it may be that your conversations with yourself are the best, only because u haven't yet found someone you connect with deeply enough to have meaningful conversation :) i always thought i'd NEVER find someone who would even try to understand me and see past the weirdness, but i was wrong :)

yeah..just don't talk..hahaha i mean talk to yourself only in your mind <br />
people used to say crazy people talks to themselves ..<br />
its normal.. i think we must have personal thoughts<br />
and realization..

i find this interesting when asked this question i thought for a min and said i do not talk to myself i rationalize with my concience.

Talking to yourself allows you to realize many things. Most people go through life hysterical, confused, lost.... because they're all looking outside for reasons and solutions. Talking to yourself might be considered deviant, but if the norm is not knowing yourself or what you're capable of, then I will spend my life in solitude. I rarely say to others, because it obviously is of little merit to them, that the most intelligent conversations I have are with myself. I think it is a blessing, one you have to choose to embrace. Self conversation is a brilliant tool for any kind of communication. I've had myriad examples in my life where spending the time to think about and discuss things logically with myself has bettered the world around me, and I think it is truly a pity that so few take the time to actually get in touch with themselves before unwittingly galavanting off into life to screw with people unintentionally. You're fine, just always leave a self debate with something you can use.

Believe me...i do it ALL the time. And yes I completely agree that sometime tslking to urself is better than talking to anyone else. I can realte to this!!!

I have the same issue too. I sometimes think out loud to myself and my family thinks I have a problem. Is this a bad thing to do or is it normal. I have never been like this until my friends moved away and after I graduated High School. What do you think?

Talking to yourself is essentially alright. No need to worry about it.<br />
<br />
PS: Found this swell link on talking to yourself<br />

What problem? I talk to myself all the time? I manage to disagree with myself a lot though. That's kind of odd. Like math class. I block out the world and quietly mumble to myself, trying to remember a dream, come up with another book chapter, or just for some intelligent conversation.

Talking to one's self isn't unusual at all plenty of people do it. I do it when I'm driving

and, when your inner greek chorus shows up, offer them Gyros.

They always say that you should never worry about it til you start answering yourself, but I say, it just makes it more fun. :D