Me? Crazy? Never!

My mother hates the fact that I talk to myself, mostly when I talk to myself aloud. I correct her grammar all the time when it is supposed to be to myself, but I honestly can't help it. My mind is a talkative creature. On the contrary, I hardly ever speak to other people. I refer to other beings as "similar life forms". I crack myself up sometimes. Once or twice I accidentally blurted out, "Oh no, the similar life forms are attempting communication!" at a out-of-state graduation 'hoedown'. God I hate parties. But the things I do for the sake of traveling... I also type to myself. I type pages and pages of things I think to myslef. Some people think i'm a little odd and perhaps a bit crazy. However, I don't mind. Me, myself, and I think i'm great!
TheBookNerd101 TheBookNerd101
13-15, F
Jun 30, 2012