My Imaginary Friend

i as a child didnt have much friends.either other kids used to have problem with me or i had problems with them. so i was quite alone without any friends of siblings.

i see how others get frustrated due to this but thing worked out much simpler for me for which i am glad. i made up an imaginary character. most of the time i should call her SHE. she was like me. she used to do things like me. everything that i could think of at that age. sometimes that imaginary character was me itself. i was my superhero. i could do whatever i wanted. if something didnt work out really in my true life- in school, in the playground everything would happen the right way there.

the best part of it is- i learned to take care of myself. i was actually thinking about myself just in some other way. i was actually improving myself.

the worst part is- i never get a friend someone like that imaginary person. i am still quite alone though i have lots of friends.
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Sep 25, 2012