Hell On Earth.

Well, I guess, the first thing I should tell you is that I was locked away in a mental asylum. Why was I locked in the asylum? Well, I snapped. When I say I snapped I mean that I tryed to kill everyone that was close to me or anyone that tryed to get near me. That included my Pop and Nana, but also my bestie Christine.

While I was there I was always in my straight jacket (which I actually miss) and locked in my little room. If I wasn't in my room I was in isolation. Isolation was in the basement of the building so it was dark, cold and damp. Can you imagine being left in a little cell all alone when you are only 9 years old. I was terrified. I was sent to the asylum to help me not attack people, but in the end it just made it worse. If a person came anywhere near my cell, I would go and hide in the corner. It was worse if they actually came in my cell, as I would automatically try and attack them and I would end up sedated and chained to the wall.

After about 3 weeks in the asylum I started to hear voices talking to me and I ended up answering them. I didn't care that when a worker at the asylum heard me talking to the voices, they would stop and stare at me. I didn't care when they called my mum in to tell her that her daughter was insane. All I cared about was the fact that I was no longer alone in the place that I called hell on earth. To know that I had someone to talk to while Christine wasn't next to me, gave me a sense of comfort. Peace. Safety.

I was in the asylum from the age of 9 all the way through till I was 11. I was only locked up in the asylum during the summer but when I was released each year to go to school, I was completely drugged. I had to take medication before I went to school, then the teachers had to give me then at lunch. When I went home I had another dose of it to take. Then dinner time and finally before I went to bed. The next morning, it would start all over again.

Every summer I was taken from my own home by the workers and put in my straight jacket for the journey, so I wouldn't kill them on my way. When I arrived I knew the routine so I just calmly walked to my cell, to try and stay out of isolation.

An asylum is truly like hell on earth, well it was for me.
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That sounds truly horrible what they did to you.

How are you doing now?

and do you feel good now that you overcome those thing in the past?are you angry to people like me im Medic or Nurse and i do take care of people like you in the past i mean when i work in the Hospital then?