Old Pictures

when i look at the little figure that is supposed to be me in old pictures i just stare at it. "that is not me" "i dont remember that" . i don't love myself at all. i dont have any love.. i wanted it a while ago but it is not real all love is an illusion. there is no hate or passion there is only an empty space.. a deep empty space. when i was little i was just alive. and it is the same now, wanting to be a real living person who exists..who has feelings and a purpose. i am dead. i am nothing. no face, no gender, no name, just a body made of flesh and pain. only my "friends" are real. they talk and laugh and i see them. they are real
anonimius anonimius
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Your beautiful in your own way, don't let anyone get you down darling and if you stop looking for love then it will eventually find you :) xx

thank you so much you are very kind :'>