I Have Conversations

I just posted a short little story about how I talk to myself. But I forgot the thing I do the most. I have conversations with myself.

Often on the bus or at home when I'm lonely or bored, I will pick up my phone and talk into it and think up the other person's talking. So I will have conversations but there's no one there talking really. haha. A bit weird maybe, but I don't mind it. I just get bored, or need to solve something that's been bugging my mind. Then I usually talk to myself to solve it.

I can also do this and pretend someone's sitting next to me talking to me when I'm alone. I don't do that in public of course. That would look insane! hehe.

It differes who I "talk to". Sometimes I think the responses in my own voice, even as if it was myself (which it is). Sometimes I make someone up and just talk, 'cause why not. Sometimes I pick someone I know and talk about random things with them even though it's really just me talking and thinking it back at me in their voice. But it keeps me entertained and maybe it even saves me some bad feelings. :)

The furthest I go with conversing with myself must be when I vent to myself or a person I know but I imagine I'm talking to them. Well... I guess there was that one extreme case, but I'll save that for another time.
Yeah, I have my weird things. But I would be boring if I was normal, right? haha.
Ps. I often do this before going to sleep. It's so quiet and thought provoking.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I think this is awesome and i do things similar to you. I call it thinking out loud. Sometimes at night when i talk to myself i forget about my surroundings it is like therapy.