Supermarket Shopping

I never thought talking to yourself was weird primarily because I do that when I'm not self-aware.

The first time I became aware,  I was going on about my produce list at the supermarket.  I was recalling my ingredient list for dinner that night, and a lady repeated my last ingredient. "Mint"  I heard, and that brought me out of my quasi-trance.

We smiled at each other, and went our merry ways.

I have since noticed a lot of shoppers doing the same thing.

I also saw a lot of people talking to themselves in New York, and I loved it! To be completely surrounded by a crowd and be able to make a space for yourself.... For some reason I find that encouraging. 


Jerismalbarek Jerismalbarek
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2008

I don't know if that would work for me since I find myself lacking perspective, so I'm afraid it would just be me agreeing with myself. <br />
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I do agree on your point about privacy for who would keep your issues away from the judgement of others better than yourself? <br />
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As to the stress relief, I'm totally with you. Have you ever composed a long speech telling someone off, and once you have said aloud found you didn't need to say anything anymore?

With me it's a two way conversation. I work out issues and discuss solutions...with myself. I also find it's a great stress reliever, AND, I don't need to worry about someone taking MY business and putting it all over the place.