Wierd Fact About Me.

One crazy thing that I find myself doing ALL the time is rehearsing conversations out in my head. If I am heading to a party or a friends house I will think about what I may say to them when I get there and how the conversation will go.  Weird.  I think I have a really controlling personality.
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Hahah, I do the same thing. I think I have social anxiety, so I must prepare questions and responses to the different possibilities of answers I will receive. It's kind of exhausting....My mind goes nonstop,and if I forgot a response that I have "rehearsed" I completely shut down.

I don't do it all the time, like you say. But I do rehearse conversations, half involuntarily. These are either :

a) Items that I strongly disagree about : In meetings, I often use exactly the same words I had thought of, in the same order. In this case, it works better because, although my mind may be excited during the rehearsal with many views, it has been curated for appropriate expression cutting out unnecessary rhetoric or bias, allowing for other perspectives. There is still some drama left, though.

b) Jokes : I get a humourous thought about something, I'll extend it a little bit in my mind and cook up some scenario/little story and crack it at the right time. The rest of the gang can have a good laugh and then extend it further, LoL.

What OpalStarDelight said. I'm pretty bad at starting conversations, or just having them in general. I just can't form the words properly. It's like my mouth is connected to a different brain. A derp's brain.

hahahahhha I do that sooooooooooooo much I make up lots of stories in my head and do all kinds of conversations by myself, I think it's soooo funny!!!

I so do that too! And it's funny because I guess I know some people to well, they actually say what I was thinking in my head and I respond just like I thought I would.

Wow, that matching of conversations is interesting.

Wow, it doesn't seem so weird now.... I always come up with complicated scenarios on what would happen if I said something to someone then I overthink and never actually say it.... One time I was just going to say "happy birthday" to my crush on his birthday but ended up not saying anything....

Haha, thank God, you didn't say Happy Married Life, instead, LoL.

I don't overthink about what would happen if I said something to someone. But I do overthink about all possibilities of how some new thing might turn out. The all-goes-well scenario to the worst output scenario and their lanes and bylanes.

I didn't think of that...but I do that all the time too! There is this one person in particular that I always plan all the conversation pieces ahead of time so there aren't any long moments of silence (because she doesn't start conversation or make it last long)!

I do this all the time! lol, like,when I'm going to see my crush, I rehearse in my head what I'd say to him, and what he'd say back. Maybe it's cuz I don't want to say anything embarrassing XD but I do this all the time, with everything We have the same weird fact :D

I do that too; but then the situation is different to how I imagined it or there's more people there and I don't know what to say to them or how to act.. in the end I rarely ever say any of the things I was planning to say. I think I do it because I'm socially awkward, and I try to plan social interactions because I fear that I'll not fit in or not be liked.

I totally understand. It never goes the way Ive planned! Lol.

I do that all the time.

I do that all the time, all you're doing is making sure you're getting it right, it's better when people do that anyway, it's a way of organizing everything in their head, that's why some people have really **** comebacks, because they don't think of what their going to say, and some people have excellent ones, because they've thought it through, if anything, it's a talent, not a weird fact.

Thats encouraging news.

Yup, I agree. Thats the merit of thinking ahead. But where would you say is the line between thinking and overthinking ?

I do the exact same thing. :) No worries. It's human nature.

Wow..i'm not crazy! or atleast i'm not the ONLY one lol j/k = ) Yea i do this All the time..

man i swear i thought this was just me. im glad i ran into this site. ha

I do that all the time. Sometimes I get so into the conversation in my head I will start to talk to myself as if I am actually having it. One time I was having one of those moments on my way to work. While waiting at a red light I see a co-worker pop his head out of the window of the car in front of me and give me an odd look. When we arrived at the office he asked me what the hell was I talking to myself about. I claimed I was singing a song beings I did not want to seem crazy.

Haha, that's the excuse I like to use if I suspect someone has caught me talking to myself. 'Can't get this song out of my head!'

Haha, good excuse, I can use that too. But I sometimes just say, 'I was excited about this'. Once I said, 'Trying to become insane, it's not happening', LoL. Not that I am caught too often, though, LoL.

How are you going to explain an animated conversation with oneself ?

I'm among friends here! I think the "talking to yourself" thing is simply relational for a lot of people - when I'm alone, I find it keeps that sense of kinship going. After all, who wants to be in an empty house, or going everywhere completely "on their own"? <br />
<br />
And rehearsing conversations you might have with another person, this seems ok to me. Kind of just practicing. I reckon it's an art, really, the social interation stuff. Some of us maybe need that talking-connection more than others...

i do this! i thought i was the only one! i always talk to myself and argue with myself and stuff lol i dont mind it though, i think i'll grow out of it.

I talk out loud to myself...all the time...with gestures. I can be really interesting!

I'm glad I am not the only one that does that! :)

i find myself doing that a lot too.... and I really don't like it. I think it has a lot to do with anxiety and social awkwardness. I think that when I do it it makes me MORE nervous about what I am going to say, if that makes sense. I try to stop myself from doing it and remind myself that I am capable of making conversation without rehearsing - it usually makes me less anxious. Its funny, I thought I was the only one who did that....it's good to know I'm not!

lol, don't worry. I do that all the time too.

I wouldn't worry too much I do that all the time too. Of course the conversation never actually pans out how it does in your head, but things do come in handy. Plus its much better than people who dont think about what they are gonna say before they do!