I Never Knew.

i didn't know i talked to myself until recently. my boyfriend and i were talking and i was bring up things that he does that he doesn't notice and he was doing the same. then he said something about this voice i use when i talk to myself.


i was in shock. he told me it was "cute", but i just thought it was weird. i never thought i talked to myself, but i guess i do. and not only do i talk to myself, but apparently, i use a whole other voice when i do it.

too funny.
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2007

I talk to myself so much that my coworkers think I'm on the phone. My conversations with myself are interupted when I hear them say "shh she's on the phone" LOL

thats cool!!!<br />
i do the same thing, yet, i talk mostly in my thoughts.<br />
it seems to clarify my thoughts better and learn more about myself.