Excuse Me, I Wasn't Talking to You.

 I've always talked to myself.  I have conversations with people who aren't there, which I thought I would grow out of, but I haven't.  My main problem with it is, that sometimes, I forget not to talk outloud to myself when people are around.  I get a lot of strange looks.  I also have a problem with talking to inanimate objects, my boss makes fun of me for that a lot.  I've gotten caught several times now, telling my computer and other appliances to please do what I tell them. Is that weird?

morningrose71 morningrose71
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 7, 2009

to answer your question...yes!!! and thats a great thing because normal is so boring!! reading your story made me feel like i found another me!! i work at subway and im always telling the cheese to stop sticking on me and when the toaster reminds me my sandwich is ready its always 'im coming im coming!' and today i just couldnt get the computer to do what i told it the customers in line all laughing! if youve any stories id love to hear them!

Well if it is then I'm pretty weird too. Sometimes it's just easier to think out loud.