Yes.  and I Get Teased Fo...

Yes.  And I get teased for it too.

In which case I'll typically tell people "Oh, but it's worse than that.  I even get into arguments with myself."
I'll wait a moment to give them a chance to chuckle in response (they usually do) before throwing in the punch-line:  "What's REALLY crappy is when I lose."

That usually gets a few good laughs, even if it is corny.
WolfElvyn WolfElvyn
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4 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I always seem to lose. Well, its one way to entertain ourselves.

I used to do that and spell differently to appear to be several persons, but its goten way out of control encompassing my every waking hour for the last 12 years.trolling in many handles on Craigslists unmoderated forums.

It's really amazing that you take pride in this, it's just so good, that you can make fun of something that you do yourself, not many people can do that, usually people just go into denial, or get all pissed off about things like this, but the fact you can talk about it with your friends, laugh about it, then stick it onto the internet, for any member to see, is something you should be proud of :).

but haven't you noticed when you lose the arguement you have more fun, even if you tend to get in trouble