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It's mostly when I'm in my room, I tend not to do it around other people, My friends and family already think I'm crazy. No sense in actually giving them evidence. I don't remember exactly what the situation was but I was shouting in my room and later my sister asked me what I was shouting about, lol. I just told her I was watching a baseball game.
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Sometimes while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'll be really tired, so I'll have to narrate the steps of making a pb&j sandwich out loud so I'll remember what to do. It's like I'm conducting the most boring documentary film on the planet. Although sometimes I'll be so tired I'll mix up the steps and say something like "sprinkle the blood of a slaughtered virgin goat". And that was how I was kicked out of our Sunday school banquet.

lol, I'm glad it could amuse you. I can't, for the life of me remember what the conversation with myself was about. I really wish I did considering it did seem quite intense.

I think you can have so much fun talking to yourself that you become intoxicated and black out.

That is quite amusing, has made me smile......whatever you were enagaging about, it must have been intense;-)<br />
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I am late 20;s and am more at ease with myself, as teen and early 20's, was so angst ridden, do not get me wrong, I still am to an extent, inner child and all that other stuff, however, things like speaking out aloud, I do it walking past folk now, and again ( not often, but yeah, have done, and the looks of sheer befuddlement were priceless)and feel no way about doing so.<br />
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We shall all embrace our self chat