Rather Often

I tend to think aloud, and often...

When I need to analyze things I talk to myself, and sometimes get a dialog started with myself about the subject... often it works :D

haha, I'm weird I know... but I like it! Muahahha

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hahaha its ok to be weird :)

I talk to myself lots too,if I'm trying to plan saying something to somebody I'll start reciting it aloud without noticing!

Oh yes...i recognise so much of what you all are saying in me. I have talked to myself for as long as I can remember.<br />
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Funny, I have never seen it as wierd. It is only since I have been amongst folk that want different things from their world that I have noticed that I do it. I like to be away from people to ascertain how I feel about something, go through situations without medling from someone else.<br />
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There are times when it helps with loneliness as well. A part of wanting to be away from folk is that anyway...<br />
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I think of talking to myself as being very aware that I am here, sat infront of this laptop and I am on my own.....takiing to myself now

I do exactly the same thing ALL THE TIME! My mother used to do it, I probably got it from her :) I always have full on conversation loud with myself, aspecially when it is about things that concern me..Somehow, if I just think about the topic it does not carry the same weight as when I verbalize it. Once I talked like that, and someone knocked on the door, i was so embarressed, I quickly picked up my cell phone and made as if i was talking to someone :)))) I love it. Sometimes when i am driving to work I am talking loud to myself as well, but I make sure no one is behind me that can see me and think I am nuts...it is pretty frustrating if there are cars behind me, because then I try and 'not move' my lips too much.....I love it and will always do it.

well I thought I was wierd, or it was a sign of being mentally il, but after a discussion about when and why and what i say, he says it's lonliness and I've recently realised it is me just analysing things or wanting to talk about something and I am alone or just share something funny/remind myself of something funny...... so it doesn't worry me that I do it now. I mean it is very intelligent - not just incomprehensible twitter. lolx

Please don't say it's weird. That really annoys me. I'm not offended, it's just a stupid thing to say.<br />
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Talking to oneself is not at all weird, you just haven't heard people talk about it much before. It's one of those things that most people do, to varying degrees, but that few people talk about.<br />
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I don't know why people don't talk about it much, I guess most people aren't interested in psychology, hence don't talk about matters related to thought, or the mind in general. This causes so many people to think they are 'weird' or different, but that's just a knee-jerk reaction.

LOL. i do that too i think aloud when i'm trying to solve something, or I read aloud to udnerstand soemthing. ill join in being werid too lol

I know a Few as well as my self, it seems to be normal :) and its cool.

I so that too. Just put on your bluetooth and then people will think you are on the phone. hahahaha

talking to ourselves in public appears weird...but everyone's weird! woo, let's have a party... :P

no no, its not weird at all! I do it occasionally too