Talking to Yourself Is Something Different

i started talking to myself, presumably, cos i had subjects no one else but me was interested in, so the only personto ask was myself. then we'd start argung and i'd fall out with myself, shut up sam.

yea, i know my mum talks to herself, she used to do it when we walked down random streets togehter, obviously proving the quality of my spoken verse.

I used to be slightly more schizophrenic in my inter-self relations, believing there were some people whom i was talking to about my person. feeling the need to ground this concept i decided they lived on my toes, cos thats where people would live right? although it might have been better to say the back of my neck, so i could never prove myself wrong. But now theyve migrated, and i'm slightly more sane than i was ten years ago. yipeee!

Added to the truth of this experience, i also enjoy the irony of talking to other people about talking to oneself.

thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

i always get the best answers this way