Thinking Out Loud Comes Natural

I've been thinking out loud as long as I can remember. I guess it started when I was young and nerdy, so no one wanted to befriend me. I always felt so lonely and this was a way to compensate for a lack of human companionship.  As I grew older I found it helped me focus my thoughts and allowed me to think clearly. Also, it would help me let out negative emotions in a safe comforting environment.

In the past few years I've tried to give up this habit since in the age of cameras everywhere recording everything, I no longer feel safe thinking out loud. People are always trying to find someway to bring me down and I don't want to give them any ammunition.  I have tried to give it up. Sometimes I can think clearly only in my mind though I really need to concentrate NOT to speak out loud in the process.

It would be ideal if I could only think inside my mind, then my family and acquaintances wouldn't have the opportunity to criticize my mistakes as much. I could just act like I meant to do whatever it was and only I would know it was a mistake. I've thought things out loud that I considered harmless, like this juice is sour or I wish I had ate a piece of fruit instead and received a 10 minute lecture for it. If I had just thought it in my head I would've endured less stress. I need less stress in my life, not more. 

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I do this too but esp when I'm upset! Omg I tell so people even I'm alone saying things That I would probably never actually say but it gets it off my chest

LOL - Self humor is great, only you get it liquidgold. :D

I 'talk to myself' too. <br />
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People at work are used to it now and they think I'm a little quirky anyway. * laughs*<br />
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I have a good sense of humour so I crack myself up. ROFL!!<br />
' point of case :) '

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LOL Smokeseek. Your external conversations get in the way of those cell phone users. Thanks for your comment :~)

LOL I really should write my own story on this, as I have talked to myself out loud for as long as I can remember. I drive all those around me crazy for doing this, especially those I sit next to at work. But so what, I like to externalize my thoughts. It comes in really handy when I am sitting next to those annoying cell phone users on the train. You know the one's who see fit to have long drawn out loud conversations on the way home. They love sitting next to me.<br />
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But I do need to be careful as my wife sometimes over hears me talking about stuff, I would rather keep to myself.