Umm this started when 9 idk how well i stared talking to myself my room LOL Kun idk know how i stared but i talk to myself alot alot and its normal for me i get caught by my little brother he always says who r you talking to and i just ignore him i get caught alot talking to myself i talk to myself at school cause i have no one to hang out with and my bestfriend/cousin moved away and i got upset anways i talked to my stuff animals.😎 am i weird ?? Does anyone talk to theree self
Deeshnay Deeshnay
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

You aren't weird. I've been talking to myself since around that age too. I do it a lot less noticeably in public though. I don't talk to my stuffed animals though I like to pretend another person is responding to me and I'll act out scenarios