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And Why Not?

Sometimes there is no other way to get an intelligent conversation...

notdarcy notdarcy 41-45, M 8 Responses Mar 10, 2009

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I'm very sorry to hear that.<br />
Schizophrenia is a serious condition,and I hope my light-hearted thread hasn't made you feel it is being belittled.<br />
Nothing could be further from my mind.

I can sometimes but I don't find it so amusing anymore as my adult son has schizophrenia with about five people in his head he has said that he talks to. It is sad & dificult to watch him suffer & medication does not take the voices away just makes them less angry & alot of people cannot manage having the voices taken away completely by medicine. It is heartbreaking to watch as a mother knowing that I can't help him & watching how it upsets my other children I only hope that oneday there will be a cure.

So do I most of the time...At least that way I know that the one that I am talking to...Is listening

red just talks to talk... to the cat, the computer, himself...

yeah that could count... Well I dont know maybe not let me think on that one.

I swear at myself and yell at inanimate ob<x>jects..does that count?

Yeah maybe sometimes ... <br />
Humm do I talk to myself. I dont know maybe I do..<br />
Do I .. No I dont think I do but maybe I do...<br />
Let me ask and see

Yeah mine aren't intelligent but at least I get answers....