Thinking Out Loud Rather Than...

talking to my self?

at least that's what i'd like to say because i only do it when i have know one to discuss it with and when i am trying to figure things out...i do it when people are around but then at those times i'm just thinking in my head...

i have this one poster on my door of silverstein and for some reason i look at it sometimes when i'm trying to figure something out or if something has frusrtated me

i guess i do it because it feels like i have someone to talk to without actually having anyone know what i don't want them to know or it just helps me figure out things when i know no one would really be any help

it's not like one of those things were i sit there in a crowd talking about things while no one is actually talking to me...i only do it when i have time to myself in my room and when i just feel like talking....

i don't know...that's just how it is..

Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2007