I seem to have a constant voice in my head, weird as it may sound, I talk as I'm typing but that's pretty normal, but when I get frustrated or tired I say it. So I'll be wandering around doing something and telling myself what I'm doing as I do it, then I'll start telling myself off for talking to myself and then I get myself into a full argument with.. well me. I'm sure it's amusing to watch but I'm a bit conscious of it when I start working at a different place because people recieve it differently. I have been lucky this time where everyone I work with is lovely, and they either remind me I'm talking to myself or make a joke so I giggle and stop talking

Phynn Phynn
3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I have found that there is a very fine line between madness and genius. Maybe your a genius.

It's ok I talk to myself all the time. People say it's the first sign of madness and in my case they are probably right. LOL

thats funny i know a few ppl who do that u could be an xpert at hostage negotiation