I Say A Little Insanity Makes A Healthy Life

Yes I talk to myself randomly, mainly to voice out thoughts which helps me organize what I need to do or figure out. I personally see nothing wrong with it (for we all know EVERYONE does it, just depens on whether or not they get caught!) and I think a little of what some call 'insanity' needs to be in evident in everyone. I call it healthy levels of insanity (There is a nice little list on the internet with many examples, including the following). Things like...specifying in the drive-through that your order is to go, or pointing a hairdryer at nearby traffic to see if they slow down. So what if I talk to myself, at least I don't answer myself back :P

KibblesNBits KibblesNBits
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Hahaha don't worry guys, crazy people don't think that they are crazy, so if you're considering it then I'm sure you're all quite alright :P

Uh oh. I answer myself back too.

Oh boy... then I MUST be crazy LOL. Because not only do I talk to myself I do sometimes give myself an answer back! HAHA. Nothing wrong with that either. You just shouldn't do it in front of other people LOL. Then you are not crazy at all LOL.