I Talk To My Self

I found out that I talk to myself when people are around, at the time I'm not aware of the time, then I'll hear my voice and stop immediately. When I'm by my self I don't mind it so much. Most of the time, I'm day dreaming about my hopes and dreams, and the thoughts turn into words as if I am narrating a story.

  When I was 16 I made believe I was talking to real people. There was a plush rabbit head I had, I don't know what poor doll I took him from. But I would walk around with him and I would talk to him, his name was Bear Bear...I loved him so much. Bear Bear understood me and I could talk to him about anything. But then I stopped and that was it. I couldn't bring him back, it was as if I lost a friend. I understood that he wasn't real but for some reason I couldn't make him again. His thoughts and mind seemed to have separated  mind I was in when we spoke seem different.

  I use to talk to myself and still do...

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7 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Ill usually do it when I'm alone

It doesn't make you self conscious about what you're unknowingly saying out loud? Do people stare at you when you do this? How do you deal with it?

No I haven't been I don't need to be because there is nothing wrong with me. I just get busy doing things and mummer to myself

And you don't feel your lips move when you're whispering? How long have you been doing it? When did you realize that you were doing it? Do you ever whisper or say out loud embarrassing things?<br />
<br />
LOL Sorry for all the questions. I'm just really curious.

Have you ever been diagnosed with anything?

I start out whispering and as I go on I get louder and louder until I realize

You talk to yourself out loud in public but you don't know you're doing it until you hear your own voice? I'm curious because I realized that I do the same thing. Have you ever been diagnosed with anything?