Stars Are The Perfect Guides

I remember since I was very little that I'd have nightmares. I have a fascination with them now. In fact, sometimes nightmares are the best dreams that I have. But when I was little and I was still afraid, I would get up and go out of my room, down the hallway, and into my parent's bedroom to tell them I was scared. At first I'd get to sleep in their room, I remember. But I couldn't stand the walk during the night. That long hallway was just as bad as the nightmare for me.

Then one day my dad told me, instead I should look out the window to the stars. The stars are my friends, they're always there and they will always be there to look down upon me. I couldn't really translate exactly what he said at the time, that's the message I took with me. When you think about it, when turtles are born they use the stars to guide them and plunge themselves straight into the vast ocean in search for their family as mere infants. 5000 years ago the Chinese and the Egyptians both could pinpoint the center of the galaxy using the stars... and mathematics.

Because of this I've always got a protective energy above me. A warmth and guidance that makes me feel untouchable. It's true, sometimes I feel truly invincible. And sometimes I have to smile just because I see a path in front of me, like a walkway that laid itself before my feet just to take me exactly where I needed to go. I've got some good friends in really high places. I always look up for answers.
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thank you =)

What a lovely story! I, too, have always taken comfort from the stars. Thank you for sharing this with us!