I'm Said To Have A Speech Impediment

I have a "speech impediment" with which I talk slow and low and quietly and I cannot talk loudly if I have to talk to someone from a distance or to a big group or amid a lot of noise. I can make my voice louder, but it is limited, and I hate that I cannot raise my pitch with the loudness and it is still a low pitch.
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I've had a speech impediment, interdental lisp, for 40 years. I always get an awkward stare when people meet me or even a few that have known me for many years. There were times where I would feel depressed and, quite frankly, alone. However, I have found (with God's help) that a speech impediment does not mean you are inadequate or inferior, it just means you are unique. Some people may judge you, but you prove them wrong by showing them kindness, compasson, competence, and intelligence. When they get to meet the real you, they will love and accept you. BTW...I am a high school teacher and this requires a great deal of public speaking and interpersonal communication. Don't give up on your dreams because you have a lot to offer. People with speech/language pathologies are the coolest people on the planet, really!

Thank you for the encouragement.

we can work on that

Thanks. I will probably work on the pitch, especially, reading out loud or practicing speaking gradually higher. Strangely, I talk normal pitch when talking to myself, I am unable to when I talk to others. Probably shyness.