9 Year Old Son Is a Talker

I'm slightly worried about my 9-year-old son.  He talks/yells in his sleep.  Mostly unintelligible things.  Sometimes he's very demanding in his sleep - screaming at the top of his lungs "HEY!  HEY!  I'M OPEN!"  It's like midnight basketball. 

He's been caught using a baseball cleat as a football as he holds it in the "center's position" ready to hike the ball to the quarterback. 

He doesn't sleepwalk as much as he used to.  If I don't hear him, the dog gets up with him, comes to my door and whines.  She follows him all through the house, while he's switching on and off lights, opening cupboards...just generally checking everything out.  Then he goes back to bed.

My biggest concern is for his safety - leaving the house, etc. 

He's an avid reader and a huge football fan.  He plays baseball, football and is in the "gifted" class at school. 

I don't know what causes this, I can only hope that grows out of it....and not rearrange the furniture so he doesn't break his toes.

Susy1027 Susy1027
31-35, F
Apr 9, 2008