One Time I Did

I work at Wal-Mart. I started working there back when gift certificates were handed out instead of gift cards. Does anyone remember those gift certificates? They were little slips of paper and they had a set amount written on them, either $5, $10, or $20.

The registers that we used had a key on the keyboard that said, "Gift Certificate". Actually, it had two different keys that said that. One for selling a gift certificate to a customer and one for redeeming it.

But then Wal-Mart came out with "Shopping Cards", a card version of gift certificates. The main difference was that with a Shopping Card, you continued to use it over and over again until the money on it was gone. Even then the card could be kept and money could be put back onto it again. Once you used a gift certificate once, it was gone. So it was a good idea that they came out with Shopping Cards.

There was a transition period where we were handing out Shopping Cards but there were still customers who were redeeming gift certificates. But eventually people started bringing us gift cards, too. The register still only had the gift certificate keys, and we were to use one of those keys whenever someone handed us a Shopping Card.

I give you all that information to explain what my dream was about. I dreamed that I was running the cash register at Wal-Mart, there was a customer in front of me, and she had just swiped her Shopping Card through the Card Terminal on her side of the register. She touched the screen where it said, "Payment" and then she looked at me and said, "It's saying here for you to press the Shopping Card key." I looked at the screen on the register that was facing me, and it said, "SHP", which is short for Shopping Card. I looked down at the keyboard. I studied each key carefully. There was one for Cash, one for Debit, one for Credit, one for Check, one for Gift Certificate... but there was not a key that said "Shopping Card"!!! I woke up out of that dream, exclaiming, "I can't find the Shopping Card Key!!!!" My roommate just gave me a funny look.

I dozed right back off to sleep and didn't remember saying that comment about the Shopping Card key. My roommate had to tell me about it the next morning. That was the only time that someone has told me that I talked in my sleep.

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How funny :-)