Didn't Know

Yeah see I didn't know I did this but turns out I do. I've never in all my life...all the sleep overs as a kid...all the times even now I've stay at a friends...I've never had anyone tell me I talk in my sleep. Until 2004 when I went to GA to see a friend. At one point during the trip we went to IN to see her parents and her and I had to sleep in the same room. She said that I woke her up by talking in my sleep every night. I told her she had to be crazy cause I didn't talk in my sleep but she insisted I did and I've always learned that when she's that persistant about something she's always right about it lol. She said the last night we were up there that she could hear me talking...figured it was morning and that I was up and talking to her daughter...she opened her eyes it was still night and she said I was just over then talkin away lol. So I didn't know I talk in my sleep but I guess I do. To be honest I'm a little worried about falling asleep around ppl now...never know what I'm going to say.

Oh and I guess one time when I was staying at a friends (this was after GA). I had fallen asleep in the front room and so had this other kid...my friends little brother...I guess in our sleep we had this huge verbal fight lol. Great...I can only sleep alone forever now lol

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2007