Tired of Being Tired

For the last two or three years I have aquired a very annoying habit and have no idea what to do about it.  I talk aloud in my sleep alot! And sometimes very loud. I seem to be acting out my dreams verbally. Many times I will wake up and still be in the conversation. Definitly makes for some exciting mornings with anybody who has chosen to spend the night with me. They think I've gone off the deep end. Of course I know what I'm talking about its just them thats left out of the conversation.  i have several medical issues that may or maynot have something to do with this problem but the doctors have just dropped the ball. i had a sleep study done two years ago and they confirmed yup I do talk in my sleep and yup I do have sleep apnea. Thats where it ended. e tried a CPAP device and that made it worse. Then they added the CPAP with oxygen and we really had some lively conversations. Well they sent me home and said they would study the results and get back to me. That was two years ago. When i inquire as to what they found out nobody can seem to answer me. I just broke up with my current girlfriend who had a very tolerant attitude about it as she snored heavily. Boy did we rock the walls the two of us together. It reached a point that we slept at different times to avoid keeping each other awake. I'm a freelance artist and it was possible to do this if I arranged my work time for in the nightime when she slept. Now We have split and went on our seperate ways and I am now in the dilema of meeting someone new. Is anybody aware of a solution to this problem or have any possible remedies maybe some secret herbal tea that helps with this. Any assistance you may offer would be a wonderful thing even if it is just some support and understanding. The only thing my doctor had to offer was trazidone and that leaves me sleepy all the next day and I still talk in my sleep I just do it slower. Kind of like buying a microwave. you still cant cook ya just do it a bit faster!

magicwolf magicwolf
51-55, M
Feb 18, 2009