40+ Years of Talking...and Still Going Strong!

I've read that it's common for children to talk in their sleep.  I can't remember the percentage, but it seems like it was something like 40% or so.  It's much less common for adolescents and even more uncommon for adults to talk in their sleep.  I seem to remember the percentage being about 4% of adults...possibly even as low as 2%.  Anyhow, I'm quite the talker...day and night.  I always have been.  I wake up in the morning talking most of the time.  About 2 years ago, I decided I was going to buy a tape recorder and find out just what the heck I was saying...and who I was saying it to.  I thought it might give me some insight as to who I really am.  The first recorder that I bought was just a simple handheld device that had a voice activated feature.  The sound quality was horrible and most of what I heard was mumbling, but every now and then I got a goodie.  I'm always talking to someone...perhaps in person or on the phone.  I used to operate some pretty complex machinery...requiring hours of set up time.  This was years ago...so why am I talking about it now?  I don't know, but I would go on for 10 minutes or so, giving someone detailed instructions about how to solve a set up problem...troubleshooting in my sleep.  One time I dreamt and talked about the merging of a television show I had watched the night before and a movie I had seen years earlier.  It was a program hosted by Hugh Downs on the threat to the Orangutan population in Borneo and the movie Gremlins.  I was telling someone what the Orangutans looked like...and describing them as having "big eyes" and "pointed ears".  I said, "watch out, it's going to get you".  I recently bought a digital recorder and hooked up a small high quality microphone above my bed.  Some of my most recent recordings are quite funny.  I laugh, giggle, sigh, and even cry out of the blue.  One night I said, "I apologize in advance if something stinks.  I've worn the same kind of perfume for years."  Another night, “He hasn’t seen any pictures of the big sturgeon we have up here...has anybody?”.  Later that night, "Oh, he wants me to point out that the arms are three tones also; they're light brown and light blue and medium blue and dark brown with a clown center and gray and blue".  Even later..."We have...um...Taquitos in the freezer which really weren't that great".  The funny thing about this one was that I really did have taquitos in the freezer that really weren't that great...chicken. 

I wish there was a way to post recordings on here.  I guess I'm probably the only one who finds my sleep talk interesting.  You guys probably listen to your own stuff and think the same thing.  If I could only recite next weeks winning lottery numbers...wouldn't that be great?

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I thought it was comical! Great read. I actually "lol"ed, and now my dog is looking at me funny :)

Maybe she was typing in her sleep, Max?