I Agree to Things

My roomates have told me that I talk in my sleep. I mumble allot and agree to things. I just found this  out recently because my other rumates were too shy to tell me I guess. Its kind of embarrasing to me but yea I guess I should just deal with it as a part of my life. The funny things is that I had a contraditing dream in my dream last night I was trying to rescue my sisters from an evil minion who had taken them captive. The only time I could have been agreeing to something must have been when I was asking for help and agrreing to the persons plan for helping me rescue my sister. In everyday life I find that I am a very agreeable person even when I dont want to be. Could my regret for agreeing with someone be haunting my dream? Does enione else feel this way.

rainshine rainshine
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2009

I tend to talk in my sleep alot too, I've been told. I suppose it is possible for your regret to be creeping into your dreams, but I can't think of any time its happened to me.