I Am Waiting To Be Officially Crazy

I talk to myself constantly. Be it one word, an observation to myself, or perhaps entire sentences that seep out from the imagined conversations in my head.

In the privacy of my own room, when I am alone, it isn't really such a big deal. But due to the excess amount of time I spend alone, talking to myself is a part of my daily life, and hence habits are born. I am so use to talking to the radio, commenting to myself about a television show, article, book, well I forget that I am indeed speaking out loud, which can make for awkward social interactions when in the presence of other humans.

There is the annoying fact that people say, "what?" because they think I am saying or asking something of importance, which of course I am not. "Oh nothing." Sometimes I explain that I am not talking to them, or that it is just not important.

However, it is the strangers on the bus, that perk up when I say aloud to myself, "Well isn't that cute?" or "I wouldn't want that." Insert whatever seemingly cryptic or pointless statement. I suppose I am cleared of insanity only by my quick correction and silencing of the behavior. Still, it is embarrassing and worrisome.
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

That's not weird at all. I talk to myself all the time and believe me it's one of the less crazy things I turn into habits... Why not, I like to comment on TV shows by myself and if someone else is there they usually enjoy the commentary, along with creating my own lyrics to songs on the radio while its playing and my friends laugh along because my lyrics are way more witty lol. But really and if someone says something like "what?" when its none of their business just giggle and tell them its an inside joke, they'll be twice as confused especially if its just the two of you. Make light of it, its a funny habit, could be worse! At least this one has humorous aspects! :)