Have to Keep Myself Straight

   I tend to talk to myself allot,  I laugh at myself all the time,I can do the dumbest things... I'm very critical with myself and on the other hand I give myself a pat on the back when deserved. yes, I talk to myself... and don't care who knows.... I like the company!
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2007

And I'm so glad you do....puck

That's ok, I talk to yourself too!

So I'm not alone.... I also have answered my self but I really don't go to public with that... Sid start a blog and let it all out, you'd be surprised with the help you will recieve. Thanks for your comments

I also do that. Nobody's willing to listen to my deepest, darkest secrets, so I talk to myself. Another reason that I talk to myself, is because I don't have a shrink to talk to.

I do, too. I answer myself, too! They may not be the right answers, but apparently they're what I want to hear at the time. I am critical of myself, as well. I don't give myself a pat on the back very often, though. I probably should, but I can't seem to find reason to. Unfortunately.