I Have Whole Conversations Wit...

I have whole conversations with myself. Now is that weird or what?! jk
Irishchick Irishchick
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4 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Yes..that would be a problem. I've also heard that talking to yourself is a sign of instability, but I don't believe that, because a lot of the most stable people I know talk to themselves quite often.

At least you get sensible answers, right?<br />
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I've been told talking to yourself is only a problem if you start to argue...and lose.

I must be brilliant then! :p Haha, I do think it helps though.

I do kind of the same thing. If I am having a hard decieding something or figuring something out, I talk aloud to myself. Like "Ok, let's figure this out, what would happen if do this? Or if I did the other thing?" I think it is our way of solving problems. I heard somewhere that the smartest people in History talked to themselves, like Einstein.