Actually This Morning Around 5am

I woke up at that time and I texted Patricia, “Are you awake?” I thought she probably wasn’t.

She texted back right away, “I’m awake.”

We messaged a few more texts and then she asked if she could call me.

I told her that I had some drinks last night and I still felt buzzed. So I wasn’t sure that I should talk at that time. This would be our first phone conversation.

My cell was malfunctioning so the only way we could talk is if she called my home phone, but Corri has a phone in her room, and it would wake her when it rang.

She really wanted to talk to me and convinced me.

I knew Corri was passed out cold from partying so I snuck in her room and disconnected her phone lol. *naughty grins* She was snoring away in deep sleep. She didn’t wake up.

I told Pat to call me in five minutes.

The phone rang. Thankfully the sound of the living room phone didn’t wake up Corri. I talked to Pat in the room furthest away from Corri.

I think I did okay chatting with Pat. We talked for a couple of hours it seems like. That’s a good sign. We shared about different things. We’re still in the getting to know each other phase. Surprisingly, she still wishes to proceed with interacting with me. She said she really likes talking to me.

As for what I think about her after speaking to her on the phone. Hmm for sure she’s down to earth. I was glad she knows how to carry on a conversation, because I sometimes tend to experience sudden quiet moments. But she did great complementing me. I’m still in the process of developing a vibe about her. Too early in the initial phase of interacting to know what will actually develop. I could only click with just the right person.

Even though we’d expressed mutual interest about initially just focusing on friendship, often times she makes reference about more intimate aspects. For example, she asked me if I like back and foot rubs. In our conversation this morning the topic of kissing came up, and that she’s a very affectionate type person, that she likes to hold hands, cuddle, and whatnot. Even though I’m open to more of an intimate connection if the connection is right down the line, at the moment I don’t want to think too far ahead. We haven’t even met in person. Only then I’ll know what vibes exactly she inspires, vice versa. Right now I think it’s too soon. 

I told her that dating is kind of new for me, because I’ve been in a long term relationship, and over the years I haven’t really dated too much outside of that. This is my first attempt in a while. So these initial interactions and, particularly meeting and hanging out, I think will probably feel awkward to me. I have a quiet nature about me. But I open up with just the right person that feels comfortable to me. So far she does.

Initially she had mentioned about meeting me next month, but she confessed she would like to meet me sooner, as in tomorrow Sunday.

I was barely trying to psych myself up for June.

I told her I wasn’t too sure that I could meet her tomorrow.

I want to, but I’m somewhat hesitant.

Corri knows about Pat as of yesterday, because while I was working for her yesterday she told me to take a break and that I could play on the computer while she tended to something, so I decided to check my email. Patricia had wrote me, so I replied.

Corri noticed me preoccupied typing away. And that caught her attention.

She asked, “What you doing? You writing a story?”

I answered, “Uhm... no I’m writing back to a friend.”

Corri did a double-take “What friend exactly?”

I told her I was corresponding with a new friend that I might be meeting and hanging out with sometime.

Corri, suspicious, “Is this anything I should be concerned about?”

I said, “No.....we’re just friends. She knows about you and us.”

That eased her mind. And she didn’t ask about that anymore.

Pat had told me she’d probably call me later. I told Corri about that. She said that’s cool. However, deep down I sense that she feels slight anxiety about me interacting with Pat.

Earlier someone called the home phone. Corri answered and they hung up on her. I’m wondering if it was Pat that called.

I was going to text her and ask her about that, but I didn’t after all.

When she calls she’ll probably want to know my final decision about tomorrow.

I don’t think I’m ready to meet her tomorrow.

I shared with her about Corri taking me to work yesterday. I kinda sensed that Pat got somewhat jealous. And also anytime I mention Corri, it kind of rubs her the wrong way.

She had told me she wasn’t the jealous type. I wasn’t trying to make her jealous. She herself asked some questions about Corri. From the beginning I’ve been honest with her about my situation with Corri and what I’m looking for exactly. Despite occasional complications, I consider that Corr and I are doing alright. However, there’s something missing presently, and I feel somewhat unfulfilled, unsatisfied, uninspired. I crave to fill that void. I search for supplement.


TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
31-35, F
May 19, 2012