and it made my whole day :) no. my whole summer holiday :D
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hahah! :P

sure Tide, sure :P we all know how women get over tentcales lol.

:P its not as about as your fetish for Paul the Octopuss lol.

i'm not **** not **** Tide..LOl i'm kidding :P

well not me lol not in that respect anyway

what? lol

still what? lol i didn't know they were gonna eat ****!

well i didn't know did i! lol.

ewwww lol, no way!!! you know..i was eatting cholcate ice cream when i was watching it lol

aw god why remind me lol.

lol all kinds of sick is disgusting..sick is so bad that there isn't even a fetish for it like there is with ******* ol

:P human sick or cat sick though that is the question lol.

haha then you probrably did :P

puke everywhere? LOL! did you sit in it? :P<br />
<br />
hahah i know..apprantly it was a cuse i had brought on myself lol.

oh okay lol...weird dream Tide lol, can't be any worse than the dream i had where i was having sex with this women and these angry ppl were surrounding me, screaming at me and suddenly throwing huge cartoon like peices of ham at us lol.

lol does she even know how to drive? O___o

lol, oh good :P its good you made frineds with this dream lady who drove so slowly and talked so much that it lasted until the end of time lol

lol, you talked to this girl until the end of time itself? the conersation wasn't too boring :P

lol your dream??

:P lol